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Cargo Tracking
Cargo Tracking. Get an up-to-date status on your shipment on-line.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Decrease your search time by keying-in
multiple B/L numbers, container numbers, booking numbers or P.O number.
Reduce typos by using "Search number".
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Global Network
Global Network
04.02.2008 11:57
Combined Sea-Air
One of our outstanding strengths is offering combined sea – air service that brings benefits to our valued customers:
04.02.2008 11:56
Air freight
UNILINK is top agent of well-known airlines:
04.02.2008 11:53
Sea freight
UNILINK offers the best quality services to its customers by using selective shipping lines with the most reasonable rates in the market.
Air freight
04.02.2008 11:56

Air fright
Air fright
UNILINK is top agent of well-known airlines:


We offer a wide range of air services:
  • Airport to airport
  • Door to door
  • Door to Airport
  • Airport to door
UNILINK with experienced specialists also offers Garment on hanger
( GOH ) service with the availability of equipments and professional
hanging procedure.

Especially, UNILINK customers
are able to monitor accurately the actual status of their freight while
it moves through our real-time on-line tracking system.


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